Why are there new credit card terminals at the dining locations?

The United States is in the process of adopting EMV credit/debit card security standards also known as “Chip and Pin.” This is the standard in Europe and most of the world. There is a requirement to be compliant with EMV by October 2015. Campus Dining & Shops is committed to providing the safest financial environment for the University community.

Why do the dining halls use reusable containers?

By using reusable containers, participants will join others in the effort to reduce waste on our campus. Last year, we saved over 150,000 containers from ending up in the landfill.

Does it cost money to sign up for reusable to-go containers?

Participation is FREE to all meal plan and declining balance customers. All participating customers must have a valid UB Card to check containers in and out. All containers must be returned by the end of the spring semester ($5 fee for each container not returned).

How do I sign up for reusable to-go containers?

For meal plan and declining balance customers, all you have to do is ask your cashier for a reusable to-go container and the computer will recognize you the first time you check a container out.

Where can the reusable to-go containers be used?

Reusable to-go containers can be used at both Governors and Goodyear dining centers.

How many to-go containers can each person check out?

Participants can have one (1) container checked out under their name at any given time.

Can I share my to-go container with my friend/roommate?

No. In order to properly keep track of all containers, only you will be able to check it in and out.

How do I purchase a UB Dining Meal Plan?

UB Dining Plans may be charged to your UB Student Account (subject to terms of the Office of Student Accounts). You may also pay with cash, check or credit card. Purchases may be made in person at the UB Card Office, or through Meal Plan Select at various times throughout the semester.

Can I use two meals to bring someone with me to the dining hall?

The meals included in your plan are for your consumption only. Our Any 19, Any 14 and Block Meal Plans each contain guest meal passes for you to bring a friend or family member to the dining hall. If you do not have guest meals Campus Cash can both be used to purchase an extra meal at the dining halls if you wish to take a guest with you.

What if I can't get to the dining hall while it is open due to a school or work obligation?

Dining centers have various closing hours up to 8:30 p.m. each night. You can also use a meal exchange at many locations along the Spine and Ellicott. You may also use meal exchanges late night at several locations.  A full list is available at Dining Locations.