UB Card

... One of the best things about the UB Card is that you can track your balances online and you and your parents can, at any time during the semester, make a deposit...

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Your UB Card is your official University at Buffalo ID and is used across campus: Getting into your residence hall, working out at the gym, and attending campus events are all made easy with this multi-purpose card.


Key uses of your UB Card

Your UB Card will contain two accounts for students: Dining Dollars and Campus Cash. Dining Dollars are a tax-free debit account that can be used at any on-campus dining establishment (excluding those found in the Commons), vending machines, and convenience stores (for food purchases). Campus cash is a taxable debit account that can be used at any on-campus store (including the bookstore and all locations within the Commons) for books, toiletries, parking, gifts and food. Campus Cash is also usable at several off-campus locations


Getting your UB Card

Please visit the getting started page to learn more about the UB Card and for information on getting yours!


Managing Your Account

All currently registered students have a Campus Cash account available to them, and all UB faculty and staff members have a FlexiBULL Bucks account. Your account starts with a zero balance and increases as you add value to the account. To access your account information, you need to login at the Manage Account page.


For UBit information please refer to www.buffalo.edu/ubit/