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University at Buffalo, The State University of New York
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#365Challenge: Engaging Students in Sustainability Through Twitter

At most, this blog is a collection of statistics (that you may or may not be interested in) and suggestions on how to live sustainably. While I wish it was enough for you to read this blog to be sustainable, I know it isn’t. Unfortunately, passive involvement in school is not effective either. Showing up to class for “participation” points and half listening to lecture will not be enough to absorb the information. Dr. John Atkinson, an assistant professor of environmental engineering, knows this and found a way to engage his students enrolled in his class titled “Sustainability”.

Earth Week 2018

Hello everyone! Happy Earth Week! I hope our sustainable practices are in full effect (as they should be every week). I think this week is a great time to challenge ourselves to see how sustainable we can live and see if these could actually be viable changes to our lifestyles. Let’s investigate the options!

RecycleMania 2018

We are 3 weeks into RecycleMania, a fierce competition between college campuses across the US and Canada where the university with the most diverted waste gets the ultimate prize: bragging rights. In the end, we’re all winners for reducing our campus wide carbon footprints. There are different categories that measure different sources of waste such as weight of paper waste, food organics wastes, cardboard, cans and bottles. For the competition, UB reports our total recycling in pounds, green house gas (GHG) reduction in metric tons, as well as waste minimization in pounds per person.

Agriculture: Environmental Effects

By now, it shouldn’t be a surprise that I love talking about food on this platform. While I enjoy the
flavors of my favorite dishes and the vital nutrients they may provide, what I appreciate the most is how
they got to my plate. A lot of the food we eat is made possible by tweaking ancient agricultural practices
with modern technology in order to produce bigger yields for growing populations. What has stayed
constant over thousands of years is the fact that agriculture has significant effects on the environment,
economy and society.

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year… For Waste

We’re finally approaching the end of the semester. For most of us, finals are so close to being over that we can almost taste the sweet, sweet freedom from exams, due dates and 8 AMs. The upcoming break will be an exciting time to partake in holiday festivities! Unfortunately, this is a notorious time of the year for waste. ”How can I fully enjoy this season without destroying my favorite planet”, you might ask. Well, inquisitive and concerned reader, the good news is that I’m here to tell you that there are green ways to spend the holidays!

Sustainability While Studying (NOT Stress)

Midterms are daunting times of the semester and for many students, myself included, it’s hard to think about anything else besides the information on the test and the fear of failing. Being sustainable during the most stressful times of college might be the last thing on your mind, but there are simple ways that will save you money so you can spend it after that statics, physics or ecology test to celebrate!

Turning Halloween into Hallo-Green

What’s spookier than goblins, ghouls, monsters, witches and werewolves? A planet with depleting resources and increasing waste!

Every year, we buy a flimsy costume accessorized with plastic, put up superfluous house decorations that take up energy, and consume copious amounts of sugar wrapped in plastic packaging. By nature, Halloween is a wasteful time of year, but it doesn’t have to be this way.

Recycling on Campus

Thanks to everyone who donated items to our World Food Day food drive on Monday! I’m so glad the UB community came together to alleviate hunger locally. Shout out to our raffle winner, Emily Luchterhand, for not only bringing in items for our food drive, but for also bringing additional non-perishables when she came to pick up her new mountain bike at the CDS office!

World Food Day 2017

Next Monday, October 16th, is the 72nd annual celebration of World Food Day. On this day we commemorate the creation of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, an agency that focuses on eliminating hunger in developing countries by improving and modernizing production practices.

Recap: Pride of NY Showcase

Hello everybody! The 9th annual Pride of NY showcase was a success! For those of you that attended, I hope you enjoyed yourselves and thank you for coming. It was a beautiful day on Wednesday, so shout out to the weather. I’d also like to extend a HUGE thank you to all the vendors who participated. The vendors who were at the showcase include:
Boulevard Produce
Costanzo’s Bakery
James Desiderio Produce
Frito Lay
Galbani/ Sorrento
General Mills
McCullagh Coffee
Perry’s Ice Cream