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2020-2021 Dining Guide
Last updated: 11/30/2020

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Our Mission

The Mission of UB Campus Dining is to enhance the campus life experience by providing a variety of dining options and services designed to fit the lifestyles and nutritional needs of the University community. Serving foods from local growers, striving to achieve sustainability, and expanding the availability of dining choices are ways that we enrich the dining experience.

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Here at UB, your dining experience is more than great food. Campus Dining is committed to providing clean, healthy, and diverse dining options designed to meet the evolving needs and expectations of our UB community. We pride ourselves on delivering culinary expertise, fresh ingredients, nutritious options, and a shared sense of environmental and social responsibility.
We are proud of our dining program and we invite you to share your thoughts with any member of our management team. Now that you’re here, welcome to all that we have to offer. We look forward to serving you.

Meal Plans

Meals and Dining Points are stored on your UB Card so there is no need to carry cash. Unused meals from your meal plan do not carry over from week to week, so be sure to use your meals before the end of the week (weeks begin on Saturday and end on Friday). Limit of two meals per meal period and one per transaction.

Please visit myubcard.com/mealplans for the most up to date information.

The GET App

The GET App is a free download available at the App Store and Google Play. This app allows you to pay for meals, order through the app, add funds, check your balance and much more!

Mobile Ordering

Dashboard, Scan CardThe GET App allows students to order and pay for meals directly through their mobile phone. Simply place your order at any of the following locations and wait by the mobile pick-up station.

  • Sizzles at the Ellicott Food Court (EFC)
  • Hubies at the Ellicott Food Court (EFC) Bravo Pasta at Pistachios
  • The Bowl at the Ellicott Food Court (EFC)
  • Blue Dragon at Crossroads Culinary Center (C3)
  • Stackers at Union Marketplace & Eatery
  • The Cellar at Governors
  • Edgy Veggie at Harriman
  • The Corner Cafe at the Downtown Medical Campus

To download the GET App, follow the steps at myubcard.com/account. The Dashboard allows you to check your balance, transactions, add funds, and mobile order and more! The Scan Card option allows for a contactless payment at all CDS locations.

Great Food Options

To view all available dining locations and hours of operation visit myubcard.com/locations.

Mobile ID
Your UB Card without the card. Mobile ID is available as an app from the App Store or Google Play. Once downloaded, students can use their smartphones at vending, dining locations and laundry facilities instead of presenting their cards. This does not replace your physical UB Card, but it does provide a convenient option. For downloading and installing details visit myubcard.com/mobileid.

UB Snackin' - Vending
A variety of vending machines can be found across campus that offer beverages, snacks, healthy options, frozen meals and desserts. The machines are equipped with card swipe readers so you can use your Dining Points or Campus Cash anytime.

Big Blue & Little Blue - Food Trucks
Herd at the curb for the best food you’ll ever eat. In our food trucks, we take our passion for great food and creativity to a whole new level. We’re all over campus so follow us on Twitter @UBBigBlue, @UBLittleBlue and on Facebook: /UBBigBlue and /UBLittleBlue to see where we are! It’s mo-bull food like no other.

IncrediBULL Pizza
Our very own online ordering and delivery service with the best pizza, subs, wings, salads and so much more delivered right to your room. Delivery is always free! IncrediBULL Pizza accepts Campus Cash and Dining Points. To order visit Incredibullpizza.com or with the GET App!


The mission of UB Campus Dining and Shops is to enhance the campus life experience by providing a variety of dining options and services designed to fit the lifestyles and nutritional needs of the university community. For more information involving nutrition, ingredients and allergens visit myubcard.com/nutrition.

Nutrition, Health & Wellness

UB Campus Dining & Shops offers a variety of well-balanced, healthy menu choices for all students, even those with special dietary needs. Over the last five years, changes to improve the health and well-being of students include:

  • Increasing fruit, vegetables, whole grains and plant-based proteins
  • Adding healthier snack and beverage options to vending machines
  • Reducing sodium by modifying recipes, products and cooking techniques
  • Providing quick access to nutrition and allergen information

Food Allergies & Special Dietary Needs

We are available to help guide students with food allergies and special dietary needs in meeting their daily nutritional requirements. For assistance, contact our On-Campus Registered Dietitian to set up an appointment. Students may also speak with mangers, chefs and supervisors in any dining location.

Simple Kitchen is an access-controlled pantry at Goodyear Dining Center that offers food that is Free From wheat, gluten, peanuts, tree nuts, fish and shellfish. Students can safely prepare meals with ease in this home-like kitchen at UB. For more information or access inside the kitchen, please contact the our On-Campus Registered Dietitian (P: 716.645.6445) or (E: Dietitian@buffalo.edu)

For nutrition icons to know, visit myubcard.com/nutrition.


Our thinking, research, creative activity and people positively impact and change the world. We are committed to supporting the local community and preserving our resources. Here are a few ways our dining program is doing its part.Made in Grown in New York

  • Eliminating Plastic Straws - Our drink-thru lids for fountain beverages have allowed us to eliminate plastic straws at CDS dining locations across our campuses.
  • Plastic Bottle Return - Plastic bottle return/recycling machines are located across campus helping reduce the amount of waste sent to the landfill.
  • Made in Grown in Icon - Look for the Made in Grown in New York icon, which promotes and supports the sale of agricultural products grown and processed within New York State.
  • Dining Center Compost Waste - By composting food waste and post consumer food scraps we produce a soil amendment that is used in landscaping across the campus here at UB as well as community gardens throughout Western New York.

For more information visit myubcard.com/sustainability.

Campus Stores

Teddy's - Located in Roosevelt Hall in the Governors Complex. This convenience store carries a variety of beverages, snacks and essential personal items.

The Elli - Located in the Ellicott Complex, a full-size convenience store with snacks, beverages, frozen entrées, UB apparel and laundry supplies. Students can also inquire about additional storage as well.

UB Campus Tees - Located in the Student Union, Campus Tees has the best UB Apparel, merchandise and gifts. UB Campus Tees is an official licensed apparel and merchandise provider at UB. Visit us in-store, or shop online at ubcampustees.com.

Additional Services

Below are listed a few of our most popular services, but more can be found online at myubcard.com.

Banking on Campus
ATMs from Bank of America, Key Bank, Morton Lane FCU and others are located campus for your convenience. For more details visit myubcard.com/banking.

Storage Solutions
Returning next fall? Summer Storage is available, easy, and affordable. Details are online at myubcard.com/shops.

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