Student SubBoard

If you are looking to pick up extra hours OR if you need someone to cover your shift, you will utilize the SubBoard.

Student SubBoard

You can visit the website and pick up an open shift that someone else posted. If you do this, you are expected to report to work and must follow the call in procedure if you are unable to work the shift you have selected. You are subject to the attendance and disciplinary procedures if you elect to take someone else's shift. If you cannot commit to working that shift after you have taken it, please repost a new shift on the SubBoard and ensure someone else has taken it or you are responsible to work it.

If you are unable to make it in for a shift, you must list your shift on the SubBoard for someone else to claim. Please manage your time wisely. Check your syllabus and during weeks in which you may have heavier course loads or study periods, please make sure you plan ahead for shift coverage. YOU are responsible for attempting to get someone to pick up and cover your shift while you are out of work. If you see no one has picked up your shift, it is your responsibility to still cover your shift and come to work. We rely on you to be there in order to serve our guests!

If you are sick, please follow the policy outlined in your handbook to call in sick. But we do request if you are able to, please post your shift on the SubBoard as an attempt to get coverage.

Repeated unavailability for work, absences, tardiness is subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment.

Please be reminded, our UB team relies on YOU to report to your shifts to help us serve our greater UB Community! You are an important part of Campus Dining and Shops and the services we provide.

Thank you for being part of the Campus Dining and Shops Team!