Spring 2020 Meal Information for on Campus purchases

We are currently in the midst of a very challenging situation, and as the circumstances change very rapidly, Campus Dining and Shops would like to provide you with an update regarding dining and retail services. The extraordinary coronavirus situation has made it impossible for us to satisfy our obligation, under your meal plan, to provide you with the same on-campus dining options available before the crisis began. Still, we feel morally compelled to provide access to food to our on-campus residents while they remain living on campus.

We are therefore, starting Saturday, April 4, adding credits to your Dining Dollars accounts. Those with the Any 19/14 meal plans will receive weekly credits while we remain unable to provide on-campus dining. Those with Block plans will receive a lump sum credit commensurate in value with all the meals currently remaining on their plans at this time.

The Dining Dollars may be used on campus to order Packaged Meals thru GET, at The Elli, Big Blue, and Little Blue. In addition, the Dining Dollars may also be used at the off-campus establishments that accept Campus Cash. You may find a list of those establishments at www.myubcard.com/mealplans/campus-cash. Please note that some businesses may not be open or have adjusted their hours from what is listed on the site - it is recommended to call to confirm.

All packaged meals will be ordered and paid for using GET.
GET is available via the web at myubcard.com/GET

You may also use the GET app on your smartphone:

How to Use the GET App:

  • Download the GET Mobile app via the Apple app store or Google Play.
  • Select University at Buffalo, sign in with your UBit and password and then follow the prompts to set up your account.
  • Remember to connect to Eduroam or UB Secure to access the campus wifi.
  • If you do not have a mobile device, email us at ub-dining@buffalo.edu.


To place your order:

  • Orders must be submitted on the GET app before 3 PM each day for the following day
    • Example: Order by 3 PM Monday for Tuesday’s Dinner, Wednesday’s Breakfast and Lunch. That food will be delivered at 2 PM on Tuesday.
  • You will be able to make the following selections
    • A packaged Breakfast – complete with cereal/milk, yogurt, fruit, pastry and orange juice
    • A packaged Lunch – choice of sandwich with chips, fruit, cookie and bottled water
    • A packaged Dinner – choice of entrée (microwavable meal), comes with starch, vegetable and beverage.
  • Select your order pick up location
  • Orders will be available for pick-up at the following locations:
    • Goodyear Hall (South) – Dining Center: Time 2PM
    • Governors Complex – The Cellar: Time 2PM
    • Ellicott Food Court – Guac & Roll: Time 2PM


Big Blue and Little Blue will be open - follow on Twitter for daily locations and hours (@UBBigBlue, @UBLittleBlue)

You can always use your Dining Dollars at The Elli (Ellicott Complex) - check myubcard.com/schedule for daily hours.

All other Campus Dining and Shops locations will be closed until further notice.

Frequently Asked Questions and Important Information

NOTE:  Issue with the GET Android app

  • Andoid users may have an issue with version 3.31 or the recent 3.32 app.  Upon initial loading of the app the user may not be able to tap anything on the home page.  If you start an order on the app you may see and unexpected error message when selecting the date and time for the order.
  • The temporay workaround for this is to tap the "Hamburger Menu" (three lines) in the upper left of the screen.  Then tap "Home".  Then try to use the app or start another order.  Usually this will work on the first attempt.
  • If you experience the same issue again.  Make sure you have all copies of the app closed.  The method varies per phone and may be looked up on your providers web site if you are unsure.  Once all copies are closed.  Please try the above fix again.
  • Alternatively the web site will work.  https://get.cbord.com/myubcard/full/food_home.php  Either in your computer or mobile browser.  If using the mobile browser you may see a pop-up to use the app.  Continue to the web page and not the app.
  • A fix for this issue is in progress.  Your app should update automatically when it is release.