Statement - UBBSU Instagram Video

Statement to Video Posted on The Black Student Union Instagram Page

November 6, 2020

The Faculty Student Association (FSA) of the State University of New York at Buffalo, doing business as Campus Dining and Shops, is an equal opportunity employer and a self-operated separate entity from the University at Buffalo. FSA is committed to a workplace free from discrimination and harassment.

As you are likely aware, a video has been posted to Instagram in which a Campus Dining and Shops employee made statements about her employment status as it relates to the wearing of face coverings while at work.

The employee featured in the video made factually inaccurate statements as she was not terminated for a violation of the face covering policy. In fact, Campus Dining & Shops has never terminated nor disciplined an employee for violating our uniform policy regarding the types of face coverings that are permissible.

After filing a grievance not related to a face covering, she was reinstated to her position following a meeting with the Human Resource Director and CSEA Labor Relations Specialist. FSA cannot comment on specific confidential personnel matters related to any individual employee, current or former.

She remains a valued employee of Campus Dining and Shops.

Our policy on face coverings, including the type of face coverings that are permissible, is in place to protect both our employees and guests, to adhere to the New York State Executive Order and to ensure that our employees and guests are solely focused on the food services we provide.

In March 2020, a face covering policy was implemented to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The policy was issued as a reminder in August and subsequently updated in October.

All Campus Dining & Shops employees were provided two blue cloth face coverings upon returning to work in August and were required to sign a letter acknowledging receipt of the policy.

Campus Dining & Shops is an equal opportunity employer and proud to be on the University at Buffalo campus, offering employment opportunities to students and members of the Greater Buffalo region. Every day we look forward to supporting all University at Buffalo students, faculty, staff, and visitors with outstanding food and retail services in a supportive and welcoming environment.

Raymond Kohl | Director of Marketing and Communications
Campus Dining & Shops
P: 716.645.2308