Taxi Service

UB has established partnerships with local taxicab companies to provide safe, convenient transportation at a flat rate for UB students, faculty and staff to popular locations.


Buffalo Transportation
289 Ramsdell Ave
Buffalo, NY 14216
(716) 877-5600

Liberty Cab
1524 Kenmore Ave
Buffalo, NY 14216
(716) 877-7111


Both Buffalo Transportation and Liberty Cab accept Campus Cash.

UB Amherst North CampusUB Main South Campus$13
UB Amherst North CampusMain Street (Main & Winspear)$17
UB Amherst North CampusBuffalo-Niagara International Airport$26
UB Amherst North CampusGreyhound Bus Terminal$39
UB Amherst North CampusChippewa Street$39
UB Amherst North CampusAmtrak Exchange$39
UB Amherst North CampusAmtrak Depew$30
UB Main South CampusMain Street (Main & Winspear)$7
UB Main South CampusBuffalo-Niagara International Airport$22
UB Main South CampusChippewa Street$22
UB Main South CampusAmtrak Exchange$25
UB Main South CampusAmtrak Depew$26