Green Scene

Recycling & Waste Reduction

  • All resident and retail dining locations recycle their cooking oil through Buffalo BioDiesel.
  • In cooperation with the university’s Facilities department, we recycle glass and plastic bottles, metal cans, cardboard boxes, office paper and toner cartridges.
  • TOMRA Uno reverse vending machines are in use across UB North and South Campuses. The machines recognize, accept and sort all plastic recyclable containers, giving a bottle refund receipt for items that qualify under the New York Bottle Deposit program. You can find reverse vending machines in the Ellicott Complex's Porter Quad & Ellicott Food Court, Natural Sciences Complex, Capen Hall, Knox Hall, Student Union, Governors Complex's Lehman Hall, Goodyear Hall and Harriman Hall.
  • All of our Residential Dining Centers and several of our retail dining locations such as The Greenery, Pistachio’s, The Tiffin Room, and The Center for Tomorrow use china plates and silverware which are washed and reused.
Campus Dining & Shops reusable mug
  • We encourage the use of personal reusable mugs and cups for coffee and fountain beverage purchases at all Campus Dining and Shops locations. When you use your own travel cup or mug, you'll save $0.20 on your drink purchase.

Energy & Water Conservation

  • Our Residential Dining Centers are trayless. By being tray-free we use less energy and water to wash each tray. It takes about ¼ gallon of water to wash just one tray. Research also shows that by being tray-free, the amount of food waste decreases by one ounce per plate. The average person throws 163 pounds of food away each year!
  • To conserve on water, spray heads that are used in our kitchen dish rooms to rinse dirty pots, pans and dishes are high efficiency low-flow. This reduces our water usage by more than 50 gal. per minute.
  • We have purchased wind energy certificates to offset the carbon emissions from the power it takes to operate our public websites. 

Ecosystem Preservation

  • compostingOur locations use environmentally friendly dish soaps and cleaning sanitizer. 
  • We compost kitchen & post consumer food scraps which produces a soil amendment that is used in landscaping across UB and in community gardens across Western New York. We have composted over 1.5 million lbs. of food scraps and turned it into 600,000 lbs. of soil amendment!
  • The new Residential Dining Center will house its own state-of-the-art food decomposer system which will grind and dehydrate kitchen food scraps and post consumer waste.
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