All UB students are required to have a photo identification card. Save the hassle of having it taken on campus and send us your selfie!


  • Take & Upload a digital photo of yourself The photo's background will be converted to plain white as part of the upload process.
  • Submit photo of your government-issued photo ID for verification


Make sure you pass our selfie regulations:

  • Does the selfie identify you as a person? It's your selfie after all!
  • Are you looking straight at the camera? Side profile selfies are out of style!
  • Is your selfie in color? Save that B&W filter for Instagram!
  • Are you free from red eye or reflections? Who uses flash anyways!?
  • Did you take off your hat or any garment that obstructs the view of your face? We want to see you clearly!
  • Is it a photo of just yourself? No photobombing or group selfies!

Good selfies:

Good photo Good photo

Bad selfies:

Bad photo - background is not a light, neutral color Bad photo - your photo should not have any red eye or flash reflections Bad photo - your photo should only have you in it Bad photo - you should be facing forward


Do you want a preferred name on your UB Card?

  • See how to add your preferred name in your HUB Student Center.
  • Important information on how long to wait between adding your preferred name, and picking up your new card.


Fix your hair, set your lights, and smile!

SUBMIT PHOTO! Note: You will be required to login with your University e-mail.