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University at Buffalo, The State University of New York
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How will my preferred name appear on the UB Card?

Your preferred name will appear on the front of the card below your picture. Your legal name will appear on the back of the card.

Why will the legal name appear on the back of the UB Card?

While the campus will use your preferred name in places including class rosters, UBLearns and HUB, there are instances where your legal name must still appear. Having the legal name on the back of the card allows you to present your preferred name while still being able to use the UB Card for identification in campus matters that require your legal name.

What do I need to do to have a preferred name on the UB Card?

You must first enter a preferred name into the HUB system. If you entered a preferred name on your admissions application, your preferred name will be loaded into HUB automatically. More information about how to enter a preferred name into HUB is available on the Office of the Registrar Preferred Name webpage.

Is there a deadline for entering or editing a preferred name in HUB to make sure I have the name on my UB Card when I receive it at orientation?

Yes. Please enter or edit your preferred name in HUB at least five days in advance of the orientation, as UB Cards are prepared for students in advance.

I received my UB Card before there was an option to use a preferred name on the card. Can I get a new one? Who pays for the new card?

Students who currently have a UB Card may purchase a replacement card with their preferred name. UB's Office of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) will cover the replacement cost for students who require a new UB Card in order to accurately reflect their gender identity.

Why is there a fee for a replacement card that will show the preferred name?

The fee reflects the cost to produce each UB Card. Selecting a preferred name Is optional and your existing card remains valid. UB’s Office of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) will cover the cost of the new card for students who require the use of a chosen name to appropriately reflect their gender identity.

My UB Card doesn’t have my preferred name. Am I required to get a new card?

You do not have to obtain a new UB Card. For identification purposes, your photo, last name, and UB person number that appear on the card can still be used for verification.

Can faculty and staff obtain a UB Card with a preferred name?

Not currently. The SUNY HR system does not yet allow for the use of a preferred name, and employee names are derived from this system. UB has been in contact with SUNY about the need for employees to be able to use their preferred names, and SUNY HR has been actively working on modifying their systems to allow this. Once this has been achieved, employees will be notified about the change and the process for submitting their preferred names.

Who should I contact with questions about using a preferred name on the UB Card?

Questions related to the UB Card should be directed to the UB Card Office at Questions about entering or editing a preferred name in HUB should be directed to