Campus Cash

Campus Cash is the easiest way to make purchases at UB because it's accepted by the best places on campus and many businesses off campus too. Purchases made with Campus Cash are taxable. You can even use Campus Cash to buy Dining Points, and using Dining Points will save you money on your meal purchases because you don't have to pay tax.

Campus Cash is separate from the Dining Points portion of your meal plan. The amount you spend is deducted from your balance and your remaining balance is displayed at the register after your purchase, so you always know how much Campus Cash you have left. It's easy, convenient and there's no credit card risk!

FlexiBULL Bucks


The Faculty/Staff FlexiBULL Bucks plan is a prepaid debit account (Campus Cash) that is accessible only with your UB Card. You can use your UB Card (FlexiBULL Bucks) to make purchases such as food, supplies, and gifts at numerous locations both on and off campus. When you use your account at any UB Campus Dining &
Shops location for food and/or beverage purchases, you’ll receive a discount – it’s like getting your meal tax-free! The card is read at the cash register or vending machine, the amount of your purchase is deducted and your remaining balance is displayed. It's that easy.

"Which Account Should I Choose?"

Dining Points & Commuter Dollars

  • For use ON Campus at all Campus Dining & Shops food locations including Dining Centers, Food Courts, Convenience Stores (food only), Vending machines and snack bars
  • Tax Free for purchases
  • Valid for the term of the plan
  • Non-refundable

Campus Cash & FlexiBULL Bucks

  • For use ON and OFF Campus (including the UB Commons and Tops Supermarkets)
  • For use in the UB Bookstore
  • For use in all Campus Dining & Shops Locations including Dining Centers, Food Courts, Convenience Stores, Vending machines, and snack bars
  • Purchases with this account will be taxed the same as a cash sale