If you have lost your UB Card (or you feel it has been stolen), you must report it as soon as possible. There are several ways to report a lost card. Please use the one that is best for you. You are responsible for all activity on your card until it is deactivated. If you have lost your UB Card over the weekend, a Manager at a Residence Dining Center can assist you in making food purchases until Monday when you can replace your card using the methods below.


  • In Person: You may stop by the UB Card Office during business hours to report a lost or stolen card and a new card may be issued right away.
  • By Phone: You may call the UB Card Office at (716) 645-6344 during business hours to speak to a customer service representative. Your card will be deactivated while you are on the phone with the representative. You may also call 1-800-LOST UB1 anytime to speak to our answering service. Your card will be deactivated on the next business day.
  • Online: If you have a Dining Points or Campus Cash account, log into GET and select 'I Lost My Card' . This will lock your Campus Cash and Dining Points accounts so no one else may use them, other uses of the card will be deactivated on the next business day.

Reactivating a UB Card

Should you find your lost card or have it found and returned to you, you can bring it in person to the UB Card office for reactivation. You can also reactivate your UB Card on the GET app by going into Settings and selecting Found My Card. This ensures that you are the rightful owner of the card and your purchasing privileges can be restored to the card at that time.

Found Cards

If you have found a UB Card please email the UB Card Office at ubcard-info@buffalo.edu or call 716-645-6344 and notify them you have found a card. Please include the card information: Name, Person Number, Card Number (5081 2802 xxxx xxxx). It would be greatly appreciated if you could drop the found card off at 1Capen at your earliest convenience.

Please fill out the Form Below to Report a Lost Card: