Meal Plans

Freedom and flexibility, along with great food, are the core of our meal plans. Here at UB, there is always food close to where you are – and your meal plan offers the best value at all of them. From dinner at C3 to mobile ordering through many of our restaurant locations, we make it easy for you to get exactly what you want, when and where you want it!

UB Card being held at Crossroads Culinary Center

Meal Exchange Values

When you use one of your meals in a Residential Dining Center (all-you-care-to-eat), one meal will be deducted from your weekly allotment. You then have access to the all-you-care-to-eat menu. If you use all of your meals before the end of the week, you may use your Dining Points to purchase a meal. The meal plan week resets every Saturday morning at 3am.

If you choose to use a meal at any UB Campus Dining & Shops restaurant, café or food court, that meal exchange has a dollar value assigned to it based on the meal period. That value will be credited towards your total purchase amount. Any remainder may be paid using your Dining Points. You can use up to two meals per meal period.

Meal period times are listed below. However, please check each location for availability and unit-specific times.

Breakfast$8.00Monday - Friday7:00am - 10:30am
Brunch$11.75Weekends/Holidays10:30am - 4:00pm
Lunch$11.75Monday - Friday10:45am - 4:00pm
Dinner$11.75Monday - Sunday4:30pm - 8:30pm
Late Night$8.00Monday - SundayAfter 9:00pm

First-Year Resident Hall Students

First-year students living in residence halls are automatically assigned the
Flex 19 meal plan to help students transition to college life.
Your meal plan consists of a set number of meals per week, along with
Dining Points for the best overall experience.

Flex 19

$3,720 per semester • 19 meals per week
200 Dining Points • Optional Upgrade

Flex 14

$3,570 per semester • 14 meals per week
380 Dining Points • Optional Upgrade

Upper-Year Resident Hall Students

Upper-year students may choose the Flex 19, Flex 14, Flex 10, Flex 7, or the Dining Points Meal Plan.
These plans offer a very economical way to dine on campus with flexibility.

Flex 19

$3,720 per semester • 19 meals per week
200 Dining Points • Optional Upgrade

Flex 10

$2,585 per semester • 10 meals per week
280 Dining Points • Optional Upgrade

Upper-Year Dining Points

(Dining Points 600)

$600 per semester • 600 Dining Points
Automatically renews for Spring

Flex 14

$3,570 per semester • 14 meals per week
380 Dining Points • Optional Upgrade

Flex 7

$1,890 per semester • 7 meals per week
250 Dining Points • Optional Upgrade

Upper-Year Dining Points

(Dining Points 950)

$950 per annual • 950 Dining Points
Valid for both Fall and Spring Semesters

Commuter/Apartment Students

First-yearA Meal Plan is your ticket to all the choices campus residents enjoy, with the flexibility. Commuters
may select any Meal Plan or Dining Points Plan available. Most commuters also add funds to their
Campus Cash account, allowing for even more dining options on and off campus.

Commuters can also select any denomination of:
• Dining Points (minimum purchase of 50 points)
• Campus Cash (minimum purchase of 25 points)

Dining Points

Dining Points give you the flexibility to get a snack or meal whenever you want. Dining Points work like a debit account on your UB Card at all CDS locations, with purchases automatically deducted from the balance of the account. Use Dining Points to purchase a meal, get a beverage or snack from vending machine, for those late-night munchies or to purchase food/beverage products from one of our residential convenience stores.

Your Dining Points roll over from the fall to spring semester (with the purchase of a spring meal plan), but they do not roll over to the next academic year. If you use up your Dining Points before the end of the semester, you can simply add more in increments of $25. More than convenient, Dining Points are tax-exempt, saving you 8.75% on every purchase.

"Which Account Should I Choose?"

Dining Points & Commuter Dollars

  • For use ON Campus at all Campus Dining & Shops food locations including Dining Centers, Food Courts, Convenience Stores (food only), Vending machines and snack bars
  • Tax Free for purchases
  • Valid for the term of the plan
  • Non-refundable

Campus Cash & FlexiBULL Bucks

  • For use ON and OFF Campus (including the UB Commons and Tops Supermarkets)
  • For use in the UB Bookstore
  • For use in all Campus Dining & Shops Locations including Dining Centers, Food Courts, Convenience Stores, Vending machines, and snack bars
  • Purchases with this account will be taxed the same as a cash sale