Campus Dining & Shops (CDS) is the exclusive food service provider to the University at Buffalo. CDS operates the Campus Cash program by which we partner with other vendors both on campus and off that provide goods and services that complement CDS’s offerings.  There are some purchases that are not allowed under the Campus Cash Agreement. Students may not use their Campus Cash to purchase alcohol, tobacco, lottery tickets, money orders, gift cards, traveler’s checks, or use it for any other form of tender or deposit.

Thank you for applying for participation in CDS’s Campus Cash program. CDS will consider additions to the program twice a year. The first review is done in late fall for admittance for the spring semester. The second review is done in late spring for admittance for the fall semester. The CDS Board of Directors in conjunction with the Executive Director will determine which, if any vendors get admitted to the program.

Due to the volume of applications received, we only notify vendors if they have been accepted into the program. If the next review date has passed and you did not receive notification that you were accepted, please feel free to re-apply for the next review.

Vendors requesting to be added to the Campus Cash program via this application process will be added to the list to be reviewed providing they meet the criteria of the program. Currently we do not accept vendors that sell alcohol to be admitted.

CDS may from time to time use other methods such as student surveys or student recommendations to identify vendors to be added to the list for review.

There are no exclusive contracts with any vendor to provide goods or services. However, CDS reserves the right to determine if enough business exists for those products or services to allow multiple vendors of similar products and services.

CDS reserves the right to reject any and all applicants.

Fill out the form below to submit a request to be considered as a Campus Cash partner.

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