UB Snackin

Welcome to UB Snackin'! Vending machines provide an alternative food and snack service 24-hours a day in a variety of locations around both campuses.


Our vending machines will accept either cash (dollar bills and coin) or your UB Card for purchases. Card readers have been installed on virtually every machine on campus. The card readers are pre-programmed to look for Dining Dollars first and then roll over to Campus Cash only after Dining Dollars are exhausted. Your UB Card works just like a debit card—the amount of your purchase is deducted from your account each time you make a purchase, and the card reader displays your remaining balance. No more scrambling for quarters when you want a snack; just swipe your card through the reader and make your selection. This feature makes using the vending services convenient and secure!


Expect an extensive assortment of your favorite national brands in the snack and beverage machines, with numerous selections stocked for those seeking healthier items. To round out the menu, subs, sandwiches and entrees will be stocked daily in our food machines. With machines prominently placed throughout campus, you're certain to find plenty to satisfy your cravings any time of the day or night!

Smart Choice: Where can you find healthier snack and beverage options on campus? Look for the Smart Choice A+ icon! Healthy snacking is an excellent way to fuel your brain and to reach your daily nutritional goals. Items marked A+ must fit certain nutritional criteria including restrictions on saturated fat, sodium and added sugar. In addition, items must have a nutritional redeeming quality that benefits you!

  • Contains a serving of fruit or vegetable
  • Is an excellent source of whole grains
  • Meets ≥10% daily value for one or more nutrients: calcium, iron and Vitamins A & C
  • Good source of fiber
  • Fits into many diets including gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian and kosher

Ensuring that our vending machines have healthier products ensures that you can make better choices on campus. Look for the A+ icon to make smart choices about your snacking today! Please keep in mind that many foods can be good choices if you use balance and moderation.

Attractive, Contemporary Equipment

Bold graphics, bright colors, and full-view glass front machines punctuate the state-of the-art vending equipment installed on the UB campus. To ensure the reliability of the equipment, treat it kindly and it will be in perfect working order whenever you need it! If however, a malfunction occurs, a service technician can be summoned quickly by calling (716) 645-7355.

Special Product Promotions

We will sponsor contests throughout the year and prize giveaways to thank all of our vending customers. Mountain bikes, theater tickets, gift certificates and many other prizes are slated for the academic year. Check the message pad or look for flyers that will announce upcoming promotions.


Have you ever lost money in a vending machine and not known what to do about it? The following steps will help you to obtain a refund for your lost money.

Refunds by Phone

Call UB Snackin' at (716) 645-7355 or the Campus Dining & Shops office (716) 645-2521. You can leave a message for our vending service people at either number. Please leave the following information:

  • Location of Machine: The building and floor
  • Type of Machine: Soda, Snack, Beverage
  • How much money, Dining Dollars or Campus Cash you lost
  • Describe problem (as best as you can)
  • Your full name
  • Your mailing address
  • Your call will be processed and a refund will be sent out as soon as possible and the machine that was inoperative will be serviced.

Refunds on Campus

Refunds or UB Card credits can also be processed at the following locations:

  • UB Card at 1Capen - 1Capen, Capen Hall
  • UB Card at 1Diefendorf - 1Diefendorf, Diefendorf Hall

Refunds for cash transactions can also be processed at the following locations:

  • Ellicott Food Court & The Elli - Ellicott Complex
  • Teddy's - Governors
  • Main St. Market - Goodyear Hall
  • Farber Cafe
  • Putnam's - Student Union
  • Bert's - Talbert Hall
  • Harriman Hall

Comments and Suggestions

Campus Dining & Shops is proud to serve you, and we want you to be totally satisfied with the vending service on campus. If you would like to forward a suggestion, Contact Us.

Vending Locations


Academic Buildings

Alumni Arena

Baldy Hall Lounge Area

Bell Hall 1st Floor

Capen Hall 1st & 2nd Floor

Center for the Arts Basement

Clemens Hall Basement 1st & 2nd Floors

Cooke Hall Basement

Fronczak Hall 2nd Floor

Jacobs Management Center Basement

Knox Lecture Hall 1st & 2nd Floor

Lockwood Library 2nd Floor

Natural Sciences Complex 2nd Floor

O'Brian Hall 1st & 2nd Floor

Park Hall 1st Floor

Slee Hall

Student Union 1st & 2nd Floors

Residence Halls



Ellicott Food Court

Clinton Hall 1st Floor

Fargo Quad 1st Floor

Lehman Hall 1st Floor

Porter Quad 1st Floor & Laundry Area

Roosevelt Hall 1st Floor

Richmond Quad 1st Floor & 2nd Floor Fitness Center


Wilkeson Quad 1st Floor Laundry Area


On-Campus Apartments

Flint Village

Hadley Village

South Lake Village

Flickinger Court

Creekside Village


Academic Buildings

Allen Hall

Biomedical Education Lobby

Clark Hall 1st Floor

Crosby Hall Basement

Diefendor 1st Floor

Farber Hall Basement

Harriman Hall 1st Floor

Hayes A 2nd Floor

Hayes C

Kapoor Hall

Kimball Hall 1st Floor

Parker Hall 1st Floor

Squire Hall Basement & 1st Floor Lounge

Service Center

Wende Hall

Residence Halls

Clement Hall 1st Floor

Goodyear Residence Hall 1st Floor

Upcoming Dining Events

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