UB Card Accounts Agreement

Last Updated: 05/30/19

This Agreement pertains to all plans, accounts and packages provided by the Faculty Student Association (FSA) as UB Campus Dining & Shops (CDS) and the use of those plans and the UB Card.

1. Meal Plan Information

  • For record keeping purposes, the value of your Meal Plan is measured in terms of meal credits and Dining Dollar points. Each Dining Dollar point has the equivalent value of one U.S. dollar. A meal credit entitles you to one all-you-care-to-eat meal in a dining center. A meal credit may also be used in specified UB Campus Dining & Shops operated locations where a credit value is assigned, as defined below. Meal Plans are subject to certain New York State tax law provisions. As a result, except as otherwise described in this agreement, unused Dining Dollar points and meal credits cannot be refunded for non-use or for any other reason.
  • Meal Plans and individual meal credits are non-transferable and are not to be shared. Three guest meals are included with most plans for use in a dining center when you have a guest on campus and would like to purchase a meal for them.
  • Freshmen living on campus in the residence halls are required to have a Meal Plan both semesters of their first academic year. Freshmen may choose either the "Any 19" or the "Any 14" Meal Plan. Your class designation in hUB is the class recognized by Campus Dining & Shops in relation to your meal plan options.
  • Freshmen living within the residence halls will automatically be assigned and billed for the "Any 19" Meal Plan, but may select the "Any 14" Meal Plan instead. The student's University Student Account will be charged according to the rules and regulations outlined in this Agreement. Freshmen students that enroll and are assigned to a residential hall after July 1, 2019, may need to choose their meal plan independently.
  • Upperclassmen or transfer students living in the residence halls may purchase any Resident Hall Meal Plan. They also may choose to purchase a minimum of $950 worth of Dining Dollars which are valid for the entire academic year. An upperclassman is defined as any student not defined as freshmen in hUB, as previously stated in this agreement.
  • Upperclassmen living in the on-campus University at Buffalo Apartments may purchase any Meal Plan, Block Meal Plan or a minimum of $25 worth of Commuter Dining Dollars.
  • Commuters may purchase any Meal Plan, Block Meal Plan or a minimum of $25 worth of Commuter Dining Dollars. A commuter is defined as any student not living in the residence halls.
  • Graduate Students may purchase any Meal Plan, Block Meal Plan or a minimum of $25 worth of Dining Dollars. A graduate student is defined as any student enrolled in a Master's, Doctoral or graduate professional studies program without regard to location of residence.
  • All residential and commuter Meal Plans, excluding the Upperclassman Residential Dining Dollar plan and the Apartment Dining Plan, are sold on an annual basis and billed by semester. They will automatically renew for the spring semester. Upperclassmen may choose to cancel their Meal Plan as described in this Agreement.
  • The Meal credit (and meal exchange) portion of Meal Plans are not valid over University breaks or recesses, Dining Dollars are valid over breaks and recesses during the term of the plan. Breaks and recess schedules are posted on myubcard.com.
  • All traditional Resident Meal Plans include a fixed number of nontransferable meal credits per week or per semester. One meal credit is deducted from the weekly or semester allocation for each breakfast, brunch or dinner eaten in a Residential Dining Center or taken as a meal credit (see below). Two meal credits may be used during each meal service period per day. The weekly meal credit allocation is reset every Saturday. Meal credits do not carry over to the following week or the following semester. Resident Block Meal Plans have a semester allotment of meals that can be used during meal service hours throughout the semester.
  • In the event that a student does not attend certain breakfast, brunch and/or dinner meals in a Residential Dining Center, a meal credit may also be used in any specified UB Campus Dining & Shops operated location. Each meal credit has a fixed value based on the meal period as outlined in the meal credit chart below. Specific locations and times for meal credit values are posted at each unit. The credit value represents the maximum value that will be deducted from your purchase total; it has no monetary value and no change or remaining credit will be given. There is an option in some cash operations to use two meal credits for a single purchase. Credits may only be used to pay for food for the individual that owns the account. Credits are not transferable and may not be used to feed guests. It is the responsibility of the account owner to determine if they should use a second meal credit or Dining Dollars to pay a balance owed for a purchase. In a self-pay location, no refund or credit will be given for an incorrectly used meal credit.

    Meal Credit Values:
    • Breakfast: $5.00
    • Lunch/Brunch: $9.80
    • Dinner: $9.80
    • Late Night: $5.85
  • Dining Dollars associated with your Meal Plan will transfer from the Fall 2019 semester to the Spring 2020 semester only if a Spring semester Meal Plan is purchased. Remaining Fall Dining Dollar balances will automatically be added to the Spring Dining Dollar starting balance of any valid plan. If a Meal Plan is canceled for the Spring semester, remaining Dining Dollars from the Fall semester will be forfeited. All Dining Dollars must be used by May 19, 2020, as they will expire after this date.
  • Meal Plans, including Resident Block Meal Plans and Dining Dollars, may be canceled and a refund may be requested only if you withdraw from the University at Buffalo or are officially released from the University or from your Campus Living contract. Meal Plan refunds for all plans except block plans will be pro-rated for the number of full weeks remaining in the semester.
  • Dining Dollars may be used in the CDS convenience stores: The Elli, Campus Tees, Teddy's and the Main Street Store for non-taxable food items.

2. Meal Plan Purchase and Change Dates: Fall 2019

  • Upperclassmen may choose to purchase a Meal Plan at any time. Once purchased, a Meal Plan may only be changed up to the close of business on Friday, August 30, 2019. After that date, the Meal Plan cannot be canceled or changed for the fall semester.
  • Freshmen that have the "Any 19" Meal Plan may choose to change this plan to the "Any 14" Meal Plan up to the close of business on Friday, August 30, 2019. After that date, the plan cannot be decreased or canceled.
  • You may upgrade your Meal Plan at any time during the semester.

3. Meal Plan Purchase and Change Dates: Spring 2020

  • Freshmen and Upperclassmen who have a Meal Plan for the Fall 2019 semester will be assigned and billed for the same plan for the Spring 2020 semester.
  • Changes to the assigned Meal Plan may be made in person at the UB Card Office. Changes can additionally be made online at myubcard.com uup through the close of business January 31, 2020. The UB Card Office may be closed during the winter recess (December 24, 2019 through January 2, 2020). During this period changes may still be made online. The final day to change a plan for the spring semester is January 31, 2020.
  • Upperclassmen may choose to cancel their Meal Plan IN PERSON at the UB Card Office by the close of business January 24, 2020 during business hours. The UB Card Office may be closed from December 24, 2019 through January 2, 2020. No cancellations will be permitted after January 25, 2020.
  • Changes after January 31, 2020, due to class conflicts or a change of residence will be made on an exception basis at the discretion of the UB Card Office staff. It is the responsibility of the student to notify CDS when a change of residence occurs between the fall and spring semesters. Any change made after the deadline will be subject to a late change fee.
    • 08/30/2019: Last day to change Fall meal plan.
    • 01/31/2020: Last day to change Spring meal plan.
    • 01/24/2020: Last day Upperclassmen can cancel meal plan, IN PERSON ONLY.
    • 05/19/2020: Last day dining dollars may be used.

4. Campus Cash Information

  • Campus Cash and Flexibull Bucks are a form of tender at the University at Buffalo. It is subject to New York State tax laws and University Rules and Regulations. (Campus Cash points is a student account, Flexibull Bucks points are a Faculty/Staff account.)
  • Campus Cash and Flexibull Bucks carries over from semester to semester and remains active over University breaks and recesses.
  • An initial purchase of $25 worth of points is required to open a Campus Cash/Flexibull Bucks account. Additional points may be purchased in increments of $25. Each point has the equivalent value of one U.S. dollar.
  • After you use your Campus Cash/Flexibull Bucks points for the first time, your points must be maintained in your account until (1) you officially leave the University or (2) we agree, in our sole discretion, to refund your unused points at an earlier time. When you officially leave the University or we agree to an earlier refund, unused points may be refunded to you in increments of $10. You must request a refund by notifying the UB Card Office in writing (1) within 90 days of the end of the last semester you are officially enrolled or (2) at least 30 days in advance with respect to any other refund request. All refunds will be processed within 30 days. If you are officially leaving the University, your refund is subject to a $10 processing fee. All other refunds are subject to a processing fee of the greater of $10 or 5% of the value of the unused points with a cap of $25.
  • If you officially leave the University without requesting a refund of your unused Campus Cash/Flexibull Bucks points, CDS will maintain your unused Campus Cash points, but will charge you a monthly inactivity fee of $10 starting with the sixth month of successive inactivity and will deduct that fee from the value of your unused points prior to issuing any refund. The amount of any monthly maintenance fee is not refundable in whole or in part and will not be restored to you even if you later request a refund of your unused points.
  • Except with respect to the refunds described in the preceding paragraph, Campus Cash/Flexibull Bucks points may not be converted to cash. Vendor refunds or merchandise returns made for Campus Cash/Flexibull Bucks purchases must be refunded in Campus Cash/Flexibull Bucks points.
  • Campus Cash/Flexibull Bucks may NOT be used to purchase alcoholic beverages, tobacco products, lottery tickets, gift cards, money orders or travelers' checks.
  • Campus Cash/Flexibull Bucks may not be used to purchase goods or services for resale and may not be converted to or traded or exchanged to any other form of tender with the exception of a student purchasing Dining Dollars.
  • Campus Cash/Flexibull Bucks sales are subject to Erie County and New York State tax regulations.
  • You may use Campus Cash to add Dining Dollars to your Meal Plan or to purchase a new Meal Plan. You may add Campus Cash/Flexibull Bucks online at http://myubcard.com/GET or using the GET app with a credit card or in person at the UB Card Office with cash.

5. UB Card Usage

  • All UB Card Holders are bound by the UB Card Policies. Copies of the policy are available online at myubcard.com and in the UB Card Office.
  • UB Campus Dining & Shops Meal Plans, Dining Dollars and Campus Cash/Flexibull Bucks accounts are regulated through the use of the UB Card and associated online and mobile apps. UB Cards are required to be presented for in-person transactions. No transaction will be made without a valid UB Card, however, the use of the Mobile ID app is allowed in most CDS and affiliated locations. A second form of ID may also be required at the discretion of any vendor. UB Campus Dining & Shops Dining Dollars and Campus Cash may be used to purchase food and products from incredibullpizza.com This is the only authorized online shop accepting UB Card transactions.
  • Protect your UB Card as you would cash. Lost or stolen UB Cards MUST be reported immediately. You are liable for any unauthorized use of your UB Card prior to reporting its loss, theft or possible unauthorized use. You will not be liable for unauthorized use that occurs after you notify the UB Card Office of your UB Card's loss, theft or possible unauthorized use. Notification can be made online by visiting myubcard.com on your computer or other web-enabled device, including the GET mobile app, in person at the UB Card Offices located on the North and South Campuses, or by calling (716) 645-6344 during business hours or 1 (800) 567-8821 after business hours. You will be notified of any other methods of reporting your card lost or stolen as they become available.
  • For your security, if another person uses your UB Card, it will be considered stolen and will be confiscated and destroyed. You will be charged a fee for replacement and the user may be subject to legal action. Do NOT lend your UB Card to anyone.
    Your card may contain a computer chip or radio with antenna as well as the magnetic stripe. Misuse, abuse or alteration of the card may render these features inoperable. Your UB Card may not be altered in any way. Holes may not be punched nor cut in the card. Replacements for altered cards will be reissued at the cardholder's expense. This fee will not be waived. It is the cardholder's responsibility to prevent damage to their UB Card.

6. Business Practices

  • Under this Agreement your rights and privileges are not transferable; they belong exclusively to you, and may not be assigned to anyone else on a temporary or permanent basis. You may not provide any portion of your meal plan or dining dollars or product purchased with the plan to any person or business for reimbursement or fee or value in kind.
  • CDS accounts include Meal Plans, Block Meal Plans, Dining Dollars, Commuter Dining Dollars, FlexiBull Bucks, Campus Cash, and Academic Books and Supplies accounts. CDS Meal Plans are available to all registered Students of the University at Buffalo. CDS Meal Plans are governed by the laws of the United States, New York State, and Erie County and by the rules and regulations of the University at Buffalo and the Faculty Student Association.
  • CDS Meal Plans may be purchased with cash or with a charge to your University Student Account subject to the terms and conditions of the Office of Student Accounts.
  • Any Meal Plan change or cancellation requested after posted deadlines will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis and will incur a fee of $50; this fee is non-negotiable.
  • Charges to your University Student Account are subject to CDS and University regulations and approval. Limits and deadlines apply. Purchases made with a charge to your Student Account must be paid in full by the due date of the bill on which they appear. If there is a financial hold or delinquent balance on your University Student Account, you will not be able to charge additional purchases to that account. You are responsible for all charges to your Student Account. If a charge does not appear on a bill as expected, call the UB Card Office for information.
    Additions made to UB Card accounts are not disputable. Should a transaction be disputed the account will be frozen until the matter is resolved. Non -payment for services is considered theft and will be treated as such.
  • The UB Card Office is the exclusive managing agent for all CDS Meal Plans, Dining Dollars, Commuter Dining Dollars, Campus Cash/Flexibull Bucks and Academic Books and Supplies accounts.
  • Questions regarding accounts, changes to Meal Plans, requests for refunds, and error resolution must be made in writing to the UB Card Office. Requests made by contacting the Office of Student Accounts or Campus Living or any other UB office will not be accepted.
  • For your convenience, you may purchase, view and manage your CDS accounts online at http://myubcard.com/GET or using the GET app. or by using the GET app on your mobile device. You may purchase Campus Cash, Dining Dollars, Commuter Dining Dollars, Flexibull Bucks accounts by using your credit card. In addition you my purchase Dining Dollars and Commuter Dining Dollars by directing CDS to charge the purchase to your University Student Account. Some restrictions may apply. You may purchase Dining Dollar/Commuter Dining Dollar points by using your credit card or by directing CDS to charge the purchase to your University Student Account. You can login to your account using your official UBITName and password. Do NOT reveal your password to anyone. Neither CDS nor the University at Buffalo is responsible for any charges to your Student Account resulting from the misuse of your password. Important information about your UBITName is available at ubit.buffalo.edu/ubit.
  • Meals, Dining Dollars, Commuter Dining Dollars, FlexiBull Bucks and Campus Cash may not be used to purchase goods or services for the purpose of resale, trade or conversion to any other form of tender.
  • Meal credits, Dining Dollar or Commuter Dining Dollar points, FlexiBull Bucks, Campus Cash, Academic Books and Supplies and Campus Reward points obtained under this agreement have no monetary value.
  • As a precaution there is a limit of 20 Dining Dollars/Commuter Dining Dollar or Campus Cash points that may be spent in vending machines each day. The limit for Vengo machines is 35 Campus Cash points per day.
  • Terms and conditions of this agreement are subject to change and will be posted in the UB Card Office and on our website at myubcard.com.
  • E-mail communications must be made using your official UB e-mail address. All communications regarding your accounts will be sent only to your official UB e-mail address. It is your responsibility to check that account regularly.
  • Official information regarding your UB Card and Campus Dining & Shops accounts are sent via email to your official University at Buffalo email account. To insure receipt of these emails you may need to add dining-info@myubcard.com to your address book. In addition, if you forward your UB email to another email address, you may not receive these notices. The UB Card Office and CDS will not reply back to anti-spam requests. If the notification emails are blocked, it is your responsibility to look for the information and you will still be held accountable for official information.
  • CDS may use forms of social networking and other electronic communication including but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, mobile applications and SMS / text messaging for promotional purposes or to communicate with its customers. Use of these services is optional and you are responsible for any costs or liabilities resulting from the use of these services. Once contact is made to CDS via these services it is your responsibility to opt-out using the standard methods provided by the service provider.
    UB Campus Dining & Shops maintains a series of convenience websites for information, marketing, e-commerce and account management. CDS, its vendors and its partners use best practices to maintain a high level of availability and content accuracy within these sites. There may be occasional service outages of these sites due to various technical reasons both under the control and out of the control of the service provider. There may, from time to time, be typographical or informational errors due to both technical and human factors. CDS and/or its vendors or partners have no legal or financial obligations for these errors when they occur.

7. Other Information About Your Plans

  • By confirming this Agreement you are authorizing CDS to discuss Meal Plan information with your parent or legal guardian. If you do NOT wish CDS to disclose information about your Meal Plan to your parent or legal guardian, you MUST visit the UB Card Office and sign the appropriate form. Your decision remains in effect until changed by you in a written notice to the UB Card Office or upon the next contract you sign/authorize. Logging in with your UBITName and password to purchase, change or manage your Meal Plan or account online is binding as your acceptance of the current Agreement.
  • CDS reserves the right to contact all CDS plan holders by mail, e-mail or other electronic means regarding official information concerning CDS and its plans and services.
  • CDS reserves the right to contact all Card Holders by mail, e-mail or other electronic means regarding official information concerning the UB Card and associated programs, and for University departmental purposes.
  • Due to the nature of these official notifications, you may only opt out in person at the UB Card Office. Forms are available in the UB Card Offices to opt out of notifications. Upon opting out, UB CDS is no longer responsible to inform you of any changes or important information regarding your UB Card or accounts.
  • CDS may contract with service providers to provide support services for CDS plans. CDS reserves the right to provide identifier, transactional, and informational data from CDS accounts to such service providers.
  • From time to time official University at Buffalo partners may provide marketing information to CDS plan holders. You may opt out of this program by completing a form available from the UB Card Office.

8. Data Use and Privacy Statement

To manage your Meal plan and associated debit accounts we collect information to identify you including your UBit, Person number and UB Card identification numbers which may include the 16 digit card number and the Mifare numbers. In addition we store physical address information as provided to the University at Buffalo. We store any UB Card accounts you may have and transactional information from the use of those accounts. If you use GET or Mobile ID, transactional information is stored on our service providers servers, privacy information for those services are available from each website.

The Faculty Student Association does not share or provide information to any third party that is not a direct service provider for our systems and only for the purpose of providing those contracted services. Transactional information is available for you to review anytime by logging into your account at myaccount.myubcard.com and get.cbord.com/myubcard.

Any information collected by the Faculty Student Association is available for use by authorized parties and departments at the University at Buffalo for the purpose of providing services, institutional analysis and campus safety.