Academic Books and Supplies Account

Eligible students that have an anticipated credit on their student account may be able to apply that credit towards the purchase of books and supplies from the University Bookstore, University Medical Bookstore, School of Architecture and Greeks & Sneaks on Main Street. Please visit the UB Card staff at 1Capen to confirm eligibility. Check your To Do List in your hUB Student Center for the Fall Semester starting 1/14/19. If you are attending during the Winter Session, please visit the UB Card staff at 1Capen to confirm if you are eligible to use financial aid funds in this manner.

How do I apply eligible Financial Aid to my Academic Books and Supplies account?

If you have eligible Financial Aid funds listed on your “To Do” list in the HUB Student Center you can visit UB Card Services in 1Capen to add anticipated financial aid credit to your UB Card. Once purchases are made, this transaction will be reflected on your student account as Academic Books and Supplies.

How will I know if I have eligible Financial Aid to purchase my academic books and supplies?

Beginning August 14, 2017, an Academic Books and Supplies item will be added to your “To Do” list in the HUB Student Center if you have anticipated financial aid exceeding $100.00. You are eligible to add these funds to your Academic Books and Supplies account for purchases at the University Bookstore.