What is the best way to make purchases on campus?

The best way to make purchases on campus is using your UB Card accounts. You can fund these accounts using a charge to your University account (rules apply) or a credit card online at http://myaccount.myubcard.com. Using these accounts Campus Dining & Shops has the ability to check your account and assist you if there is a problem. Using your Mobile ID and GET apps you can easily fund the account on your mobile device if you run low on funds. There is also a greater degree of account tracking through the app.

Do the credit card terminals change the way my UB Card accounts work?

No. These terminals are only for credit and debit bank cards. You will still hand your UB Card to the cashier for processing. You may also use your MobileID app on your smartphone.

Can I manually enter my credit card number?

No. For security reasons our terminals do not allow the manual entry of any card number. Our cashiers are locked out of the register from the time the credit card terminal is activated until it is completed and cannot assist with a bank card that does not read properly. If your card is damaged please contact your bank for a replacement. You will need to use an alternate form of payment for the purchase if your card is damaged.

Can I use my Debit card?

Yes, if your debit card has a Visa or MasterCard logo on it. Currently the terminals will accept a debit card as “credit” according to your banks policy. During the Phase one deployment, the terminals will be updated and you will be prompted to select debit or credit. If you select debit you will be prompted to enter your pin.

Can I use Google Wallet or Apple Pay?

No, however Google Wallet and Apple Pay will be available in the near future.

What is a "chip" card?

Over the past year, credit card companies have started issuing credit and debit cards with a small, gold colored chip visible on the face of the card. This only applies to credit and debit cards, not University ID cards or proprietary gift cards. When inserted into a chip enabled reader, the card generates and sends a unique transaction ID code to the processor. This code makes it virtually impossible to create a fraudulent transaction.

Why are there new credit card terminals at the dining locations?

The United States is in the process of adopting EMV credit/debit card security standards also known as “Chip and Pin.” This is the standard in Europe and most of the world. There is a requirement to be compliant with EMV by October 2015. Campus Dining & Shops is committed to providing the safest financial environment for the University community.