The UB Card

How do I get my UB Card information if I am a distance or online learner?

A distance learner can have an Online Program Card mailed to them. The application requires a UB IT name and password to view: Mailed UB Card Request Form

Can I get a new picture on my UB Card?

You must go to the UB Card Office with your original card to have a new picture taken. There is a fee. You can get more information and current fees at the Get My UB Card page and the Fees & Policies page.

Can I borrow or lend someone my UB Card?

No. Your UB Card should be used by you exclusively.  If someone other than yourself tries to use your card it will be confiscated.  This is an important security measure.

What do I do if my UB Card breaks?

Your UB Card is flexible and tough, but sometimes they do break. If your card is getting worn you can bring it to the card office and they may choose to replace it for free as long as they believe the wear to be from normal use. Altered cards will not be replaced for free, do not put holes in or alter your card in any way. The Card Office sells convenient cardholders if you wish to have your card on your key chain. In any case, it is important that you bring your card, or pieces of your card, to the card office. Without your original card you will be charged the lost card fee.

Can I punch a hole in my UB Card?

No. This will weaken the card and cause it crack or break. If this happens there will be a charge to replace the broken card. The UB Card office and UB Campus Tees have card holders with key chains and lanyards attached.

What if I have more questions about my UB Card?

Most questions can be answered by checking out However, we are happy to answer all your questions. For questions about your UB Card, meal plan, Dining Points or Campus Cash you may message the UB Card office staff here, you may stop by either of the UB Card offices, or you may call (716) 645-6344 during business hours.

Where do I get a new UB Card?

You can get a new UB card at one of the two UB Card offices. On North Campus the UB Card office is conveniently located in 1Capen. On South Campus, the UB Card office is located inside 1Diefendorf.

Maps and lists of buildings to help you navigate around campus are available here.

How do I get my first UB Card?

To receive a UB Card you must be a currently registered UB student or a faculty/staff member that has been fully processed through the hiring procedures. Go to a UB Card Office during their hours of operation to have your picture taken. You must have photo ID - either a valid driver's license or a passport - in order to receive your UB Card. Photos may also be submitted online at Get My UB Card page. If you are attending Summer Orientation, you will receive your UB Card during your session.

Is there a charge for my first UB Card?

Yes, there is a fee for your initial card. For more information, including a fee schedule, visit our Get My UB Card page.