Dining Points

  • A Dining Points account is a tax-free debit account
  • Dining Points are used instead of cash in residence dining halls, food courts, snack bars and vending machines
  • Dining Points can be used in University convenience stores for food and beverage purchases
  • Dining Points can be added at any time online using GET

All resident meal plans include a Dining Points component. Many commuter meals plans also include Dining Points. Student Dining Points account are tax-free, so you save 8.75% (New York State and local taxes) when you spend Dining Points instead of cash in our food courts and snack bars. When you use your UB card for food purchases outside your meal plan, the card readers are pre-programmed to use Dining Points first. If allowable, Campus Cash will be used. Plus, you have the convenience of using your UB Card whenever you want a snack or a meal. What you spend is immediately deducted from your balance, and your remaining balance is displayed at the register after your purchase, so you always know how much you have left.

If you use up your Dining Points before the end of a semester, you may simply add more in increments of $25.

Dining Points balances associated with your Dining Plan will transfer from the fall to spring semester only if a spring semester Dining Plan is purchased. The fall balance will be automatically added to the spring Dining Point starting balance of any valid plan. If a plan is canceled for the spring semester, the Dining Points balance from the fall semester will be forfeited. All Dining Points expire at the end of the spring semester per NYS tax regulations.

Other Information

Read the UB Card Account Agreement for all the rules and regulations regarding Faculty Dining Points. It can be found in our Forms and Documents page.

  • Your account may only be accessed by using your UB Card.
  • Neither your UB Card nor your Dining Points are transferable.
  • If your card is lost or stolen, you are responsible for its use until it is reported. Report a Lost Card.
  • There are no fees or charges for using this account.