Dining Dollars Questions

Can I add Dining Dollars to my UB Card if I have a checkstop?

A bursar checkstop will prohibit you from charging Dining Dollars or Campus Cash to your student account. You can still add value to you card if you have a checkstop but you must pay with cash, credit card, or check.

Where can I use Dining Dollars?

Dining Dollars can be used in all UB Dining Services locations including vending machines. For a detailed list see Dining Locations

How do I know if I am paying by with Campus Cash or Dining Dollars?

The cash registers will always use the account that is most appropriate for where you are purchasing. Where there is a choice you can just let the cashier know and they can select the account you wish.

Can we use Dining Dollars in the vending machines?

Campus Dining & Shops has over 250 vending machines on campus. You can purchase a large variety of beverages, candy, snacks and food. And, nearly all the machines accept Dining Dollars and Campus Cash.

How much do I need to purchase to open a Dining Dollars account?

Dining Dollars are bundled with several available Meal Plans. You may also open a Dining Dollars account for as little as $50. Once open you may add to the account in increments of $25.

When do Dining Dollars expire?

Dining Dollars roll over from the fall to spring semester as long as you have a valid account for the sprint semester. For example, if a student has 130 Dining Dollars remaining at the end of the fall semester and they are getting 300 Dining Dollars with their spring meal plan they will start with 430 Dining Dollars in the spring. At the end of the spring semester any Dining Dollars that have not been used will be lost. Due to their special tax free set up they cannot be refunded. More information: Dining Dollars

What are Dining Dollars?

Dining Dollars are funds available to be used for purchases in UB Dining Services locations and vending machines. Dining Dollars are tax-exempt, so you save every time you use them. More information: Dining Dollars

What if I use all my Dining Dollars before the end of the semester?

Simply add more by doing one of the following:

Online - The best way to add Dining Dollars or Campus Cash is at our website, http://www.myubcard.com. Just add to your account and charge it to your student account. It's easy and you avoid the lines at the UB Card Office. Parents and others can also add to your Dining Dollars and Campus Cash at the same website using a credit card.

In-person - Simply go to one of the UB Card Offices and our staff will be happy to assist you in adding either Dining Dollars or Campus Cash to your account.

Can I transfer Dining Dollars to Campus Cash?

Dining Dollars cannot be transferred to Campus Cash.  Dining Dollars are set up to provide students with a tax-free solution for dining. Due to their special tax free status, Dining Dollars cannot be transferred or refunded.

What is my UB IT Password?

You will receive your UBit user name and password at your Freshman Orientation. If you did not receive it or need to have it reset, please contact the CIT helpdesk. More information is available on the UB IT web site.