Meal Plan Questions

Who may purchase a UB Dining Meal Plan?

Any registered UB student may purchase a UB Dining meal plan, whether they live on campus or off.

Why should I purchase a UB Dining Meal Plan?

Freedom and flexibility, along with great food, are the core of our meal plans. With twenty-eight dining locations in fourteen different buildings, there is always food close to where you are on campus - and your meal plan offers the best value at all of them. Whether you want breakfast at lunch, dinner on the run or a midnight meal, vegan selections or fast food, there are choices for everyone. We make it easy for you to get exactly what you want, when and where you want it!

I have a meal plan for the Fall semester, will I have a meal plan for the Spring semester?

Meal plans for students living in the residence halls will automatically be renewed from the Fall semester to the Spring semester. You may change your plan for the Spring semester in person or online until the date specified in the Agreement. More information: Meal Plans

What if I change my mind, how do I change my meal plan?

You may change the meal plan you've chosen during the specified period.  Changes may be completed online or in person. All cancellations must be completed in person at a UB Card Office location. You may make one change per semester up to the date specified in the Agreement. Changes for the Fall semester will be accepted up until the end of the first week of classes. More Information: Meal Plans

Is a meal plan required?

First-year students living in the residential halls are automatically assigned the Any 19 Plan, but may select from the Any 14 plan as well. Changes can be made at a UB Card Office. First-Year students are required to purchase a UB Dining meal plan for both the Fall and Spring semesters. Upper-year students living in residence halls or on-campus apartments, commuters and graduate students may purchase a variety of meal plans. More information: Meal Plans

How can I change my meal plan?

You can change your meal plan once online or you can change it in person with the UB Card staff at 1Capen. All deadlines associated with meal plan changes can be found in the UB Card Accounts Agreement in the Forms and Documents section of this website.

Which meal plan is right for me?

That is up to the student and it depends how often you eat. We offer the 19 and 14 Meal Plan which students can use for breakfast, lunch, dinner and late-night meal periods during the week. Upper-year students can also select these plans, or the Flex 10 or Flex 7. Dining Point only plans are also available for upper-year students. After the first semester you can choose to change your meal plan. For more information on the specifics of all the meal plans, check out our meal plan descriptions.

How do I purchase a UB Dining Meal Plan?

UB Dining Plans may be charged to your UB Student Account (subject to terms of the Office of Student Accounts). Purchases may be made in person at the UB Card Office, or through Meal Plan Select at various times throughout the semester.

What if I can't get to the dining hall while it is open due to a school or work obligation?

Dining centers have various closing hours each night. You can also use a meal exchange at many locations along the Spine and Ellicott. You may also use meal exchanges late night at several locations.  A full list is available at Dining Locations.

Do I have to eat my meals in the Residence Hall Dining Centers?

Traditional meals served in the Residence Hall Dining Centers are the best value. However, our meal exchange program gives you the flexibility to use your meals at select UB Campus Dining & Shops' restaurants and cafes. To view all of our dining locations and meal exchange times, go to Dining Locations

What is my UB IT Password?

You will receive your UBit user name and password at your First-Year Orientation. If you did not receive it or need to have it reset, please contact the CIT helpdesk. More information is available on the UB IT website.