Why doesn't my UB Card open my Residence Hall door?

The UB Card is used as a universal identifier for many departments on campus. For security reasons, each department controls access to their areas. If your UB Card does not work in the residence hall doors, apartment doors or an academic area door that you should have access to, contact the administrator of that area. For the Residence Halls it would be the area desk for the building you need access to.

Why didn't my card work in the Vending machine?

To use your UB Card to purchase from a vending machine you need to have a Dining Dollars or Campus Cash account active on your card. All cards start with accounts, you simply have to add value to them. You can do this at the UB Card Office or on this website.  If the reader is not recognizing your card, it may have a scratched or worn stripe.  Stop by the UB Card Office to have it checked out.  You may need to have your card replaced.  Some replacements have a small fee and some are at no charge.

Why didn't the meal plan I signed up for work when I tried my card?

The best way to find out is to contact the UB Card Office.  You may use our contact us form any time, stop by either 1Capen or 1Diefendorf, or call (716) 645-6344 during business hours. Please have your person number available so we can verify the status of your account.

Why didn't my card work in the Dining Hall?

There are several reasons this is possible: