FlexiBULL Bucks

Tons of choices, one card convenience, and a special discount – all without having to carry cash.

Here's How it Works

The Faculty/Staff FlexiBULL Bucks plan is a prepaid debit account (Campus Cash) that is accessible only with your UB Card. You can use your UB Card (FlexiBULL Bucks) to make purchases such as food, supplies, and gifts at numerous locations both on and off campus. When you use your account at any UB Campus Dining & Shops location for food and/or beverage purchases, you’ll receive a discount – it’s like getting your meal tax-free! The card is read at the cash register or vending machine, the amount of your purchase is deducted and your remaining balance is displayed. It's that easy.

How to Add to your Account

Stop by or call either UB Card Office, Suite 104 Harriman Hall (829-3682) on the South Campus or Room 228 in the Student Union (645-6344) on the North Campus. You can also add to your account online. You can start your FlexiBULL Bucks account with as little as $25, then you can add anytime in increments of $25. FlexiBULL Bucks are taxable. FlexiBULL Bucks for Faculty and Staff do not expire and will continue to carry over year to year until you officially leave the University.

In addition to being accepted at all Campus Dining & Shops locations (and dining centers), we are proud to offer several other locations that you may use your FlexiBULL Bucks:

Places that accept FlexiBULL Bucks

If you are a vendor and would like to accept FlexiBULL Bucks, please fill out this application.