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  • Campus Cash is a taxable debit account
  • Campus Cash is used instead of cash for books, toiletries, parking, gifts and food at on- and off campus locations
  • Campus Cash can be added at any time online using GET
  • Campus Cash can be used to purchase Dining Points

Campus Cash is the easiest way to make purchases at UB because it's accepted by the best places on campus and many businesses off campus, too. Purchases made with Campus Cash are taxable. You can even use Campus Cash to buy Dining Points – and using Dining Points will save you money on your meal purchases because you don't have to pay tax.

There’s only one way to spend your Campus Cash – by using your official University ID, the UB Card.

Campus Cash is separate from the Dining Points portion of your meal plan. The amount you spend is deducted from your balance and your remaining balance is displayed at the register after your purchase, so you always know how much Campus Cash you have left. It's easy. It's convenient. And there's no credit card risk!

How do I get Campus Cash?

All students already have a Campus Cash account on their UB Card, you can add online with a credit card at using the “Manage Your Account” option below.

Open or Manage Your Account

Your Campus Cash account remains active until you notify us, in writing, of your official withdrawal from the University. Campus Cash may only be spent at selected locations and cannot be converted to cash for purchases outside of the merchants listed below, and it may not be used to purchase tobacco products, alcoholic beverages, gift cards or lottery tickets. All Campus Cash purchases are subject to New York State sales tax and University rules and regulations. All guidelines for the Campus Cash program can be found in the UB Card Account Agreement, which you can find on our Forms and Documents page. If you have more questions about Campus Cash (or about your UB Card or eating on campus), please contact us.

Places that accept Campus Cash

If you are a vendor and would like to accept Campus Cash, please fill out this application.